About Us

Lest We Forget our Vets Inc. believes in the ideals of Duty- Honor- Country...

and paying homage to all veterans and active duty personnel.


In 2006, after attending a veteran's symposium in St. Joseph, Michigan, the idea was to bring that format to the Kalamazoo area.  And Lest We Forget our Vets Inc. was formed.


In the spring of 2007, the first symposium was held at the Kalamazoo County Expo center.  This event brought veterans and their families together to share stories, obtain information regarding veteran benefits and enjoy various presentations and speakers.

This program was repeated in 2008, and in 2009, a 9-11 tribute was conducted with a Re-enactment Encampment.  Civil War, World War II and Viet Nam re-enactors brought history to life for veterans and the public to enjoy.  Honored speakers included Bob Heft, the designer of the 50-star flag and Air Force 4-star General Gene Renuart.

In 2011, working with a service organization called Ambucs, the opportunity to help veterans presented itself in the form of AmTrykes - therapeutic trykes to aid veterans with disabilities.  This project continues to grow and gain support.

Lest We Forget our Vets Inc.



who we are



The founder and director of Lest We Forget our Vets Inc. is T.W. Lane.  He is passionate and dedicated to helping others. 


A Viet Nam Navy veteran, his understanding and compassion is what the organization is all about.  He is also a member of Ambucs, American Legion, VFW, Marine Corps League, and area old car clubs.


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The Secretary and Treasurer for the organization is T.W.'s wife, Susan.  The founding members of the Board of Directors are Bob Hickson and Mike Gray.  Many other individuals and organizations are involved with Lest We Forget our Vets Inc. and have helped make it the success it has become.



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Lest We Forget our Vets, Inc. is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.